Cheap Entertainment: What do toilets, phones and hockey have in common?

7 Mar

They equal free entertainment! Last week my husband was listening to the radio and they asked what 30% of people do with their phones, he called in and correctly guessed “drop them into the toilet!” And he won tickets to a hockey game! Woo-hoo! Talk about a cheap family outing! So we headed out early to the game so we could swing by the radio station office and pick up the tickets…guess what? The office was closed. So we went to the game anyways and just bought our own tickets…then guess what? We hadn’t eaten supper yet, since we left early to get the tickets and we ended up buying cotton candy, funnel cake, dippin’ dots and nachos! And it wasn’t cheap, the cotton candy (which dissolves in your mouth in seconds) was $3.25! I could cook us a whole meal for that price!

Gracia's favorite parts of our un-frugal outing was seeing herself on the big screen and eating cotton candy for the first time!

All that to say…well we all have our un-frugal times. But we usually only spend $15 a month on entertainment, so I guess every now and then spending a little more is okay. I plan on posting more “Cheap Entertainment” posts in the future, hopefully, they’ll be a little more helpful than this one!


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