Groceries & Reduced for Quick Sale

11 Mar

Okay, so I was originally planning on posting all my groceries and menus every week, but now I’m thinking that may be boring to people, so instead I’m just going to highlight my “frugal finds”  from this weeks grocery shopping excursions.

Our Groceries


  • I got a free Cool Juice! I saw the freebie on the internet and they mailed me a coupon for one free thing of juice. (and as a side note, it had no added sugars and was really yummy!) It was a $2 value
  • Most of the stuff is generic brand (Hill Country Fair and HEB). I do want to point out that the oatmeal is not store brand. They were all out, so I had to spend a little extra on Quaker Oats. I decided this could be a good test to see if we could notice a difference in the brands, and we can’t. My coupon says I saved $11.86 by buying the store brand.
  • A couple of things were on sale for a savings: $5.40
  • I also want to say that yes, we did buy strawberries…last time we were at the store Gracia spotted them and I told her no. So when she asked for them again this trip, I decided we’d get them.

The total in savings was: $19.26

Sam’s Club:

Sam's Club Groceries

  • My proudest purchase here was the reduced for quick sale hamburger meat. I bought 2 packages. I was only planning on buying one, but since it was a good deal I got 2. So here’s what the prices were: package #1: 5.7 lb. at $2.78 1b. =$15.85. Reduced to $2.22/lb. = $12.68. Package #2: 5.72 lb. at $2.78/lb. = $15.90. Reduced to $2.22 lb.  = $12.72. Total savings of $6.35!

I was able to package the meat into 11 bags (one bag I put double the amount of meat in, to make a big batch of taco meat). I flatened the meat to make it easier to put in my little freezer. I layed it flat in the freezer, but once it’s frozen I can set it upright. This will last us a long time (maybe until the next time I can get a good deal on hamburger?)

Nothing like a picture of raw meat!


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    […] Frugal Tip: Look for “Reduced for Quick Sale” meats when you’re at the store. I bought this meat for $2.22 a lb. instead of $2.78. More details on that here. […]

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