Don’t Throw it Out!

14 Mar

We’ve all heard the phrase, “waste not, want not.” Here’s some simple ways to use things that may otherwise get thrown out.


  • Use in place of paper towels for cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Use in the bottom of animal cages for quick clean up

    Map Wrapping Paper

  • Use to wrap fragile items when moving or storing them
  • Use the comics page to wrap presents


  • Use baby food, pickle jars or any containers to store things in (see picture)

    Jars from around our house

Old Socks:

  • Use as cleaning rags (they work great for dusting!)
  • Make sock puppets

Old Toothbrushes:

  • Great for cleaning, especially in small cracks and corners

Glass Soda Bottles:

  • Use as flower vases (tie a ribbon on it to dress it up more)


  • Let kids tear, cut and glue to make collages

Diaper Boxes:

  • Use as a toy box (that’s what our daughter uses). If you want to make it look nicer wrap in wrapping paper or plain paper and let them decorate it

Plastic Juice Bottles:

  • Fill most of the way with water and freeze to use as an ice-pack in a cooler.
  • You can do this with small juice bottles in lunch boxes

Grocery Bags:

  • Use as garbage bags (then you don’t have to buy them!)
  • Use to put dirty diapers in, and tie closed to keep out smell

Old Maps:

  • Use to wrap gifts in
  • Use as a background on cork boards
  • Use in scrap booking and card making

You’ve probably heard of most of these ideas, but maybe it’ll spur some creative thinking. What are some things you like to reuse instead of throwing away?


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