Frugal Fitness #1: Free Exercise

21 Mar

One of my pet peeves is when people say they don’t have enough money to be healthy. I don’t deny that eating all organic or the optimal diet may be expensive, but eating a balanced diet and moderate exercise  doesn’t have to break the bank. So I’m starting a series of posts called “Frugal Fitness.” I want to talk about both exercise and eating healthy. I’m not a nutritionist or fitness expert or anything, so I’ll mostly just be sharing what we do.

Now it’s time to do some brainstorming, and yes, if you feel the urge, feel free to sing the Imagination Mover’s song…

Let’s think of some free exercises:

Get outside and get moving!

  • Walking (you can even save money with this, by walking somewhere instead of driving)
  • Running/Jogging (this can actually be a money maker, my last run I found 2 quarters and 4 pennies on the road!)
  • Just move! you don’t need anything fancy to do crunches, jumping jacks or push ups.
  • Be creative and use things around the house, like some canned veggies as light weights. One time my husband used a low tree branch to do pull-ups.
  • Go to a park! Lots of parks have walking paths and some even have exercise equipment.
  • And if you already have equipment use it!

Can you think of any other free exercises?

Frugal Tip: If you really do want to buy some equipment try looking for something used. It’ll be a lot cheaper. My husband bought a weight bench on Craig’s list, I can’t remember how much it cost, but it was a lot less than buying one new, and it works just as good as a new one.


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