One of the Best Places for a Tightwad is….

22 Mar

Gracia LOVES going to the library, and she likes reading the books when we get home!

The library!!!

When we think of the library we think of books, but that’s not all that’s at this marvelous place!

  • Save money by borrowing books instead of buying them
  • Save money by borrowing DVDs, instead of renting
  • Save money by learning things from the books and DVDs (like researching how to do home repairs, sew, cooking from scratch, etc…)
  • Save money by taking your kids to story time, a free activity (I still haven’t taken Gracia, it just never is on the day I want to go to the library!)
  • If you really want to save, cancel your internet and use the library’s (libraries policies on the internet may vary)
  • Cancel your magazine subscriptions and get those from the library too (I don’t know about all libraries, but the one in the town we used to live in would only let you take last months and older home. Also, the library here has magazines people have donated you can take for free or make a donation)
  • Cancel your gym membership and borrow some exercise DVDs (here’s more free exercise ideas)

I know not all libraries are the same, but the one here is magnificent! I love it so much! Anyways, if there’s a book you want that they don’t have, ask about it, they may get it for you.


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