Save at Easter

30 Mar

Here’s some miscellaneous ways to be frugal this Easter. This by no means covers all the ways you could save, just a few random ideas:

  • use shredded paper or tissue paper instead of  buying Easter grass (you may be able to find some Easter grass at Goodwill for a good price)
  • buy baskets at goodwill to use as Easter baskets
  • do a family basket instead of one for everyone
  • put useful things in the baskets (like cute socks)
  • do fun, but cheap activities rather than gifts (My family has a tradition of finding those little chocolate eggs that my parents hide around the house. My husband’s family makes a treasure hunt with clues as you go.)
  • Who says everyone in the family needs a special new Easter outfit? If you can’t afford a new outfit for everyone, use one you already have and dress it up with a new hair bow, hat or tie.
  • Make gifts rather than buying. Here’s a cheap idea. Take some card stock and stamp, color or write something on it.

    Super Easy Notebook

    Cut into desired size then cut regular paper into the same size and staple together for a nice little notebook. Adults can use it to write notes and make lists, kids can use it to color in. (see photo)

  • Make vinegar sugar cookies (decorate with Easter colored sugar)
  • Remember to save any baskets, Easter grass or plastic eggs for next year.
  • Remember all Christ has done for you!! That’s 100 % free!

2 Responses to “Save at Easter”

  1. Mom March 30, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    You’ll have to talk to Matthew about the socks idea! Somehow he didn’t see that as a great thing in his Easter basket. Guess he figured if you couldn’t eat it, it didn’t belong there! Found some of those little eggs here to hide for Nathan this year at Easter. Love thinking back on Easter’s past! Love, Mom

    • purposelyfrugal March 30, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

      Well I still liked the socks! I think I remember getting sunglasses too! I remember when us 3 older kids didn’t want to find the eggs anymore, we’d hide them for Nathan.

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