Free Stuff!

6 Apr

I’ve started getting free samples off the internet. Sometimes I get sent a coupon for a free item sometimes they send me a little bag or bottle of whatever the sample is. It’s really fun getting it in the mail, but honestly I’ve been disappointed at how small most of the samples are, until I got my last one! It was a make-up bag with a whole bunch of goodies inside! Here’s all it included:

  • A make-up bag – which I plan on using, as I usually just keep my make-up in a Ziploc
  • travel size shampoo – which I’ll use for traveling and probably keep the bottle to refill
  • travel size lotion – perfect for a purse!
  • chap stick – right now I have enough chap stick, so I’ll either save it for when I run out or maybe use it as a stocking stuffer this Christmas
  • Sample lipstick (only enough for 1 use)
  • Sample shampoo and conditioner (again only for 1 use, but I can take them on an overnight trip)
  • Coupons for make-up

My Free Stuff!

So the main reason I’m showing you this is in case you’re interested in getting free stuff too. But I do want to warn you! There maybe things that require you to sign up for a newsletter or ask too much personal info. Some people recommend getting a separate email address in case of spam. Here’s a video clip that talks about getting free stuff and how to know if it’s legit:


2 Responses to “Free Stuff!”

  1. djhcakes May 19, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    I think I’ll try this out. Thanks!

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