Extreme Couponing! – What Are Your Thoughts?

7 Apr

So I watched some of those “Extreme Couponing” shows. Part of me was listing all the reasons I don’t coupon like these people, and the other part of me was second guessing myself and wondering if I should be couponing more. I mentioned a little about couponing in my Smart Shopping post, but here’s more details on my humble little opinion on coupons:

  • It’s usually for something I don’t already buy. I notice a lot of coupons for dog food, soda, premade pizzas, etc…things that I just don’t buy. For example if I had enough coupons to get a candy bar for 5 cents, that’d be a great deal, right? But what I’d be better off just doing, would be just not buying the candy bars at all!
  • It’s not always healthy. This kinda goes along with the first reason. But they don’t have coupons for fresh produce or meat. It’s usually frozen or canned items.
  • It’s not generic brand. The other day I printed off a Cream of Wheat coupon, but when I got to the store I realized that the generic brand was still cheaper than using the coupon with the name brand.
  • It takes a lot of time. On the show the people admitted that they spent hours preparing for a single grocery trip. Some even considered it a job.
  • I don’t have a lot of space to stockpile. If you’ve read Tour My Little Home, then I don’t need to say anything here. =)
  • Those were EXTREME couponers. We have to remember that even though those people would spend under $10 on purchases that originally were hundreds of dollars, these people are the extreme of the extreme. They got the most extreme people for the show, and they showed they’re most extreme trip. They don’t necessarily save that much everytime.

Here’s a quote from Amy Dacyczyn in her “The Tightwad Gazette”:

“Readers frequently send me sales slips to demonstrate how much they save using coupons. With bold sweeps of colored markers they circle the figure that shows how much the coupons used added up to. They’re circling the wrong figure. The most important figure on your sales slip is how much you spend on groceries…not how much you save using coupons.” And this is coming from a lady who fed a family of 8 with $180 a month!

I don’t want people to think I’m against the show or people couponing, not at all. The show has just got me wondering and I want your opinion now! So all that said, I have to admit the show did inspire me to check out coupons a little more often, and maybe see if I could combine them with sales, but I don’t have plans of becoming as extreme as them. But now I want YOUR opinion! Do you use coupons? If so, how extreme are you? How much do you save? Where do you get your coupons? What tips would you give us “non-extremists”?

Oh! I almost forgot! If you’re interested here’s another bloggers opinion.


One Response to “Extreme Couponing! – What Are Your Thoughts?”

  1. Melissa April 7, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    Thanks for the mention. I love the quote by Amy Dacyczyn. I forgot that she didn’t regularly use coupons.

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