To Work or Not To Work?

15 Apr

Should a mom work or stay home with the kids? This is a hot debate nowadays. So I thought I’d just explain my situation. I do not believe it is a sin for a mom to work outside the home, but I do think it needs to be considered carefully. My husband and I have 2 requirements for me working outside of the home, and if a job doesn’t fit into those, I don’t work.

  1. Gracia – The first issue is what to do with our daughter. I stayed home with her until last summer. We moved to a different town and were trying to save money for my husband’s schooling, so I wanted to contribute somehow. So I got a part time job at a daycare. Gracia went with me, but because of regulations we weren’t in the same room together. I did notice a change in her during that time. I don’t know if I should blame the daycare, or just blame myself for being too tired to deal with her when we got home.  After the summer, I was home again for a short period of time until my husband’s cousin asked me to babysit their 2 boys every afternoon 5 days a week. This solves the Gracia problem, as she goes with me.
  2. The other requirement, is whatever I do, we have to make sure I really am making enough money for it to be worth it. And with this babysitting job, the only places our budget has increased is gas(driving to and from work), maybe eating out a little more (when I’m tired and don’t want to cook), and I use my dryer more (don’t have as much time at home to line dry). But I’ve done the math and even with our slight increase in spending, I’m still bringing home a useful amount. For more info on how much you spend to work read Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy (

Anyways, since this has to do with work and money, I thought it’d fit into a blog about being frugal.


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