40 Random ways to save

20 Apr

I’m working on a list of 100 ways to save money, but 100 is a big number, so here’s the first 40:

  1. Wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot.
  2. Keep a coin jar for loose change and coins you find on the ground.
  3. Don’t buy drinks when you go out to eat, just ask for water.

    Make a gift instead of buying one.

  4. Don’t buy snacks and drinks from gas stations. Plan ahead and buy them in bulk and take them with you, much cheaper!
  5. Shop at garage sales.
  6. Make your own coffee instead of buying from a coffee shop.
  7. Scrub your potatoes instead of peeling them and throwing out the skin (BONUS: the skin is the healthiest part).
  8. Cook with your slow cooker instead of oven whenever possible (especially in the summer when the oven heats up the house).
  9. Keep lids on pots when cooking.
  10. Let kids play with Tupperware, old boxes, ext… instead of always buying new toys.
  11. Go through your house before leaving or going to bed and turn off anything that doesn’t need to be on (TV, lights, coffee maker, etc…).
  12. When the sun is shinning in and you’re trying to keep the house cool, close the blinds or curtains.
  13. Park in the shade so less gas is evaporated.
  14. Combine your errands to waste less gas.
  15. Wash and reuse ziploc bags.
  16. Use a wash cloth instead of disposable make-up remover cloths.
  17. Save money on postage by sending a postcard instead of a card.

    Plan your menu around that weeks sales.

  18. When it’s cold, open your oven when you’re done using it to let the heat get into the room.
  19. Pay bills on time to avoid late fees.
  20. Only buy accessories (purses, shoes, jewelery, etc…) that are neutral colored and will go with almost anything.
  21. Plan your weekly menu around what is on  sale that week.
  22. If  you have a cell phone, get ride of your land line.
  23. Fix leaky faucets to save on the water bill.
  24. Pack a lunch instead of going out.
  25. Eat more beans and less meat.

    Cook with more beans and less meat.

  26. Buy generic brand instead of name brand.
  27. Only heat and cool rooms in the house you use (not guest room, etc…)
  28. Figure out the best route to places you go often.
  29. Don’t keep extra things in your car, the more weight, the worse the gas mileage.
  30. Make gifts instead of buying them.
  31. Save the packaging that you receive packages in to use next time you need to send something.
  32. Use grocery bags as trash bags.
  33. Print only the minimum of what you need, to save on ink and if possible print only in black and with small font.
  34. Use coupons for items you regularly buy.
  35. Before checking out, look over your grocery cart and see if there’s anything you don’t need and can put back.

    Cook with the lid on.

  36. Regularly look through your fridge to see what needs to be eaten.
  37. Use a fan instead of the air conditioner.
  38. Put on extra socks and sweaters instead of turning the heat up.
  39. Stay healthy, you’re less likely to have medical issues, which cost a fortune.
  40. Eat out less.

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