Making Clothes Last Longer

21 Apr

Clothes can get a lot of wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean the minute we see a tear or stain that just won’t come out, we need to get rid of it. Here’s some ideas to make your clothes last longer:


  • If you really can’t get the stain out, cover it up with a cute patch.
  • Get an iron on embellishment to cover it.
  • Dye it. I had a nice navy blue sundress I bought last year, and I did something I regret… I decided to do some cleaning with bleach…yup, you guessed it, I got a little bleach spot on my brand new dress! I wanted to put an iron on patch to cover it up, but couldn’t find any I liked, so I ended up just coloring it in with a black sharpie. You can still see it, but since it’s a dark blue dress, the spot is a lot less notifiable than with a white spot.


  • If it’s a rip in a seam, they’re pretty easy to stitch up, you don’t even need a sewing machine.
  • Put a patch on.
  • If it’s pants, cut into shorts, capris, or skirt. Check out this adorable skirt the Frugal Girl made from pants.

Too short:

  • Add some ribbon or lace to make it longer.
  • Let the seam out, the ragged edges may even look stylish.
  • Make into shorts, capris or skirt.
  • If it’s a dress that’s too short, put some tights under it and wear like a shirt. I’ve done this with quite a few of Gracia’s dresses.

    Roll up jeans to make cute capris!

  • I’ve started rolling up a pair of Gracia’s jeans that are high waters. Now they’re cute capris (she’s wearing them in the picture, but you can’t see them very well). You can do this with too long of pants too.


  • Whenever you find a button keep it in a special jar, so when you find the article of clothing it belongs to you know right where the button is.
  • If you’ve lost too many buttons, buy a replacement or replace all of them. If they seem to pricey, go to garage sales or thrift stores and buy a cheap article of clothing that has buttons you like on it.

Do you have any creative ways you’ve made your clothes last longer?


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