Cheap Entertainment # 2 : Free Fun

22 Apr

There’s all kinds of ways to have fun, some are expensive (a trip to 6 flags), and some are cheap (a game of Uno). I’m not opposed to spending money on fun, after all, I’ve been to Six Flags. But spending money on fun things all the time adds up. So in between those expensive excursions, it’s good to have some cheaper solutions to find fun. Here’s a list I came up with for free or almost free things to do:

  • Play a game! If you don’t have any games think up games that don’t require anything special. We used to play our own version

    Play a game!

    of Scategories with just paper, pencils and a timer. Do your own pictionary or charades.

  • Watch a movie. Watch one you already have, borrow from a friend, borrow from the library or watch something free off the internet (try or netflix if your a member).
  • Go to a park. Gracia LOVES it when we do this!
  • Play free games on the internet. My husband finds the strangest games on the internet! He recommends
  • Invite friends over for a meal, have everyone bring a dish so it’s easier on you.
  • Read a book (check the library).
  • Look for free events in your town, like parades and free concerts.
  • Cook something with someone. After all you have to eat, right? So why not try a new recipe with a friend, and make some memories!
  • Do a puzzle.

What do you like to do for free?


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