Make Your Own Swiffer Cover and Save!

25 Apr

I bought a swiffer sweeper the other day. My sponge mop was getting old and gross. I decided on the sweeper rather than the wet jet, because it was so much cheaper. Then I found this pattern to crochet your own reusable covers, much cheaper than buying the disposable kind. If you don’t know how to crochet never fear, just search the internet for knit or sewn ones. Or if you really don’t want to make your own check out, they have some pretty affordable ones there.

I’ve been using a spray bottle with a vinegar water solution to wet my floor. You could probably use a floor cleaner and water solution too. Or you could probably wet the cloth down before putting it on, but I haven’t tried this. So this saves you not only by not having to buy the disposable cloths, but also it uses less water. Then just throw the cover in the wash next time you do a load!

Happy Cleaning!


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