Random Musings

28 Apr

So…what to write about today…well we went and got some ice-cream at Baskin Robbins last night. They were doing a special for the fire

Gracia eating her 31 cent scoop of ice cream.

fighters. Only 31 cents a scoop, up to 3 scoops, and since we’re 3 people it worked out nicely! We only spent $1.01! Well…I take that back, we spent $2.01, we donated $1 to the fire-fighters.  So that was our frugal outting last night.

Fuzzy when we first got her.

Today Fuzzy our cat is getting spade and getting her shots…that’s not gonna be very cheap, but we’ve been needing to do it for awhile. Even though we got her for free, her up-keep isn’t free! But she’s worth it! =)

Oh! And one last thing. In my last post about the pizzas. I said that I had 4 meals of pizza in the freezer. Well I ended up deciding to have pizza for supper last night, and we ate 1 and 1/2 of them. So I guess if I plan on serving only 1 pizza for a meal I need to have a filling side dish to go with it! =)

And as my last random musing. I added up our expenses for the month of April. And we spent more than normal in quite a few areas, but that makes me want to do really good this coming month! So hopefully the month of May we’ll do better.

Haha, I just realized that Gracia’s wearing the same dress in both pictures! Honestly she does have more than that one outfit, I’m not THAT frugal! =D


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