Small Space Living: Looking on the Positive Side

25 May

I’ve been meaning to talk more about living in tight quarters, so I thought today I’d share some reasons why I actually like it. Not that I always like it, there are times I wish I had a bigger oven, a little more counter space or more room for Gracia to spill her toys out, without it being in our way. But there definitely are things I really like about living in a tiny place:

Our current home.

  1. Less to clean! It takes probably 10-15 minutes to sweep, mop and vacuum my whole house.
  2. It helps you keep clutter under control. When you don’t have a lot of space to put stuff, you definitly think twice before buying something and I’m always looking for stuff to get rid of.
  3. Cheaper! First of all it’s usually cheaper to buy or rent a smaller place and on top of that you have smaller utility bills. The highest our electricity bill has ever been was $107, and that was last August when we were running our airconditioner a lot. When we’re not running the a.c. it’s around $35 (we heat with propane, so that doesn’t affect our electric bill).
  4. This one sounds weird, but I really do like it: I always know where Gracia is. Where we used to live (in an airplane hangar…yeah I know, we’ve lived in strange places) it was bigger than our trailer, but still not big. I really liked how as long as I kept the bathroom and bedroom doors closed I always knew where she was. I never had to buy those gates to keep her out of hallways or anything. Now that she’s older it doesn’t matter quite as much, but it’s still nice always being able to see her…so she gets in less trouble. =)
  5. It spurs creativity. We’ve had to do a lot of thinking about where to put stuff and the best way to make the most of our space. Thankfully my husband is a good troubleshooter and handyman! =)
  6. It encourages us to go outside more.One of the reasons living in a travel trailer looked more desirable to us than an apartment is that

    Gracia outside on the swing she got for her birthday.

    we have a yard, and most small apartments only have a tiny balcony. Because of this, Gracia can play outside, we can grill out, I can hang clothes on the line, and we can have a cat (hubby’s allergic, so we have to keep her outside most of the time). And we were lucky enough to get a lot with two big trees! =)

If you haven’t checked out our place yet, click here for the grand tour!

FYI: The house in the background of the picture with Gracia swinging is not our house, it’s our neighbors. I really need to get a picture up of the outside of our place.


2 Responses to “Small Space Living: Looking on the Positive Side”

  1. Mom May 26, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    She sure looks like she is enjoying her swing! The card arrived, it is so cute! Where did you get it done? Mom

    • purposelyfrugal May 26, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

      Glad you got it! Sorry it’s so late! I just sent Dad’s Father’s day card yesterday, so that should get there on time! =) Anyways, I made the card through Tiny Prints.

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