I Learned How to Post Polls!!

10 Jun

As you can see by the change in my background, Cameron was helping me with the technical aspects of my blog last night, and he showed me how to do polls!!! I love polls! So instead of Frugal Photo Friday, I’m going to do a poll today…and I’m going to complain a little too. I usually try to hang my laundry to dry once or twice a week. Well the manager of the trailer park we live in asked me to stop. =( Apparently we’re not supposed to hang laundry, cuz it looks tacky (I personally think it looks energy smart, but all well). Then she told me she probably wouldn’t have said anything, since our clothes line is in the back and you can barely even see it from the road, but the guy across the street decided to hang his laundry, but he hung it right out front. And so she of course has to have the same rules for every one, which I understand.  Anyways…please vote in my poll! Thanks!


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