Small Space Living – A Few Tips

22 Jun

In my Tour My Little Home post I pointed out some small space living tips, but here’s some more:

Don’t keep things you don’t use. The more stuff you have the more room it takes up and the easier it is to look cluttered. So regularly go through your belongings and sell, giveaway or toss things that you don’t use.

Don’t keep things out you don’t use very often. For example, if you have a small closet only keep that seasons clothes in it and keep the out of season clothes somewhere else, like in a tub under the bed, in the garage, attic or any out of the way place. This goes for kitchens with small counter space too. Unless you use an appliance everyday, it’s probably better to keep it in a cupboard.

Use items that serve multiple purposes. If you’re in a small space every item you own takes up precious space, so if that item can do more than one thing making it so you don’t need as many items that’s a plus! For example, I put my kettle away, because I can heat water in one of my pots just as well, and I need to have my pots out for cooking anyways. Another example is things that serve a useful purpose and are decoration, like hanging up a pretty tray. It keeps it out of the cupboard giving you more space there and you can still use it as a tray.

Use lots of wall space!We hang, coats and scarves (in winter), my purse, helmets, backpack, and even our laundry hamper on the wall.

The top bunk we use as storage.

Store under and in anything possible. We store stuff under our bed and under and behind our couch. And we turned the top bunk on our daughters bed into storage.

Make use of outdoor space. If your place is too small to have many people over try grilling outside. You can use outside sheds to store extra things and for your washer and dryer.

Use optical illusions to make your house seem bigger. Mirrors, light colored walls and keeping the blinds open so you can see outside all seem to make small spaces feel a little bigger.

And if you feel sorry for yourself about living in tight quarters, remember all the benefits!


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