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Food Waste…Sad about My Sprouts

8 Jul

Wasted chili and half a sandwich

Wanna know what I wasted this week:

  • About 1 serving size of chili
  • 1/2 of a sandwich
  • some rolls that got soggy
  • and some sprouts. We didn’t even get to eat them, I was still rinsing them and all, but I put them on top of the fridge one day and I think maybe it was too hot for them up there, because they got all slimy. =(

This is shared at The Frugal Girl, Food Waste Friday.


Unfrugal Photo Friday – Food Waste

1 Jul

Today instead of a Frugal Photo Friday, I have an UNfrugal photo, actually two. They’re both of some wasted food.

Sour Cream that was left out of the fridge way to long, veggie soup that I got tired of eating as a leftover so I just kept ignoring it, and some leftover oatmeal of Gracia’s that I put in the fridge thinking I could give it to her later and forgot.

And these apples are also Gracia’s. I thought if I put them in a bag in the fridge I could cut off any spots she bit into and use the rest in apple muffins or something…but as you can see they’re not yummy apple muffins, they’re still just half eaten brown apples.

The Frugal Girl every Friday posts pictures of food she’s wasted. Her reason is to help her not waste as much. I’ve thought about doing that, but been putting it off, mostly because I’m scared I’ll be too ashamed of all my wasted food, but then again maybe that shame will encourage me to not waste so much!! So I’m going to try really hard not to waste much this month and to share my results you all (not necessarily on Fridays though). I have to remind myself that wasting food isn’t just plain wasteful, it’s also like throwing money in the trash. After all the food I throw away was bought with money, and I claim to be frugal. I guess I should take my own advice on how to not have so much wasted food.