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Frugal Photo Friday – My New Sheets!

8 Jul

That's a savings of $13.88!2 posts in one day!!

I’ve been wanting new sheets, but I just couldn’t justify buying them. Afer all the sheets I had were doing the job. There were no holes in them or anyting. I was just tired of the pattern on them and they were getting faded and kinda grungy looking (even after being washed). So I kept telling myself that they still worked just fine and that no one except us sees the sheets anyways, since they’re always covered with a blanket.

But then one day in Wal-Mart, after months of wanting new sheets, I spotted these sheets on a clearance rack! Only $7 (originally $20.88), so I decided to buy them, and I was so happy! =) It wasn’t until later, after I had the sheets already on the bed that I realized they’re for air beds, but they’ve been working just fine on our normal mattress, so I don’t really care if the label says “air beds.” And of course I still have our old sheets as a spare set.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if there’s something you want, but don’t need, just keep waiting, you may be able to grab a great deal eventually!


Unfrugal Photo Friday – Food Waste

1 Jul

Today instead of a Frugal Photo Friday, I have an UNfrugal photo, actually two. They’re both of some wasted food.

Sour Cream that was left out of the fridge way to long, veggie soup that I got tired of eating as a leftover so I just kept ignoring it, and some leftover oatmeal of Gracia’s that I put in the fridge thinking I could give it to her later and forgot.

And these apples are also Gracia’s. I thought if I put them in a bag in the fridge I could cut off any spots she bit into and use the rest in apple muffins or something…but as you can see they’re not yummy apple muffins, they’re still just half eaten brown apples.

The Frugal Girl every Friday posts pictures of food she’s wasted. Her reason is to help her not waste as much. I’ve thought about doing that, but been putting it off, mostly because I’m scared I’ll be too ashamed of all my wasted food, but then again maybe that shame will encourage me to not waste so much!! So I’m going to try really hard not to waste much this month and to share my results you all (not necessarily on Fridays though). I have to remind myself that wasting food isn’t just plain wasteful, it’s also like throwing money in the trash. After all the food I throw away was bought with money, and I claim to be frugal. I guess I should take my own advice on how to not have so much wasted food.

Frugal Photo Friday – Cheap Books, Free Clothes and the Magic of Vinegar

24 Jun

This Frugal Friday Photo I have a picture of Gracia playing with a really cool Arthur book. It has little figures from Arthur and throughout the book there’s slots you can put them. I got it for Gracia at a thrift store along with a coloring book that had stickers in it. Both books were in great condition. The coloring book hadn’t been used at all and I got them both for $1! Another frugal thing in this picture is the outfit Gracia’s wearing. A lady from our neighborhood gave me a bunch of girl clothes last year. Most of them were too big for Gracia then, but she’s starting to grow into them now. The only problem with them is that they smelled really strongly of cigarettes. But I washed them a few times with vinegar and that fixed the problem!

Frugal Photo Friday – Easy to Make Finger Paint

17 Jun

Finger Paint

Need a fun activity for your kids this summer? Just whip up some frugal finger paint. All you need is water, cornstarch, and food coloring. Here’s the site I got the recipe from. Today was the second time I’ve done this with Gracia and she really likes it, especially since she gets to pick out what colors we make. You can even have your kids help make it. Gracia poured the cornstarch in the cold water, got the bowls out and of course picked out the colors. It’s a great idea for decorating a Father’s Day card too!

Frugal Photo Friday: Free Cat (or dog) Food

3 Jun

Discarded pieces of chicken all cooked up for the cat

Want a cheap way to feed your cat (or dog) something other than dry food, without having to buy those expensive tiny cans of cat food? I was trimming the fat off of some chicken breasts before freezing them and I decided the pieces I’d normally just throw out I’d cook up for our cat Fuzzy. So I did! And since the chicken pieces (mostly fat) would have been thrown out anyways, this was free! The only cost was the little bit of propane needed to cook it! =)

I’ve also given Fuzzy chicken skin and discarded pieces when I cook whole chickens.

Frugal Photo Friday: Fuzzy and Grocery Bags

27 May

Fuzzy playing in the grocery bags.

So you may be wondering why a picture of our cat is the frugal photo of the week…well mostly because I thought it was cute! =) When we got back from the grocery store a couple weeks ago and I was putting groceries up Fuzzy decide she wanted to get inside the bags, so I snapped a photo! But on the frugal side, I keep my plastic grocery bags and use them as trash bags. I never have to buy trash bags anymore! =)

Frugal Photo Friday: A Salvaged Apple

20 May

It’s Friday! And here’s my second Frugal Photo Friday (sorry I skipped it last week). It’s not a very exciting picture, but I’m in a hurry, cuz I have lots to do to get ready for Gracia’s 3rd  birthday party (pictures next week!).

So here’s an apple that…well as you can see, was getting old and somehow got this big gash in it. But I didn’t waste it! I used it to make apple muffins. The sad part is, later I found some apple slices in the fridge that I could have used too, but I had already made the muffins. =(