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Frugal Photo Friday – My New Sheets!

8 Jul

That's a savings of $13.88!2 posts in one day!!

I’ve been wanting new sheets, but I just couldn’t justify buying them. Afer all the sheets I had were doing the job. There were no holes in them or anyting. I was just tired of the pattern on them and they were getting faded and kinda grungy looking (even after being washed). So I kept telling myself that they still worked just fine and that no one except us sees the sheets anyways, since they’re always covered with a blanket.

But then one day in Wal-Mart, after months of wanting new sheets, I spotted these sheets on a clearance rack! Only $7 (originally $20.88), so I decided to buy them, and I was so happy! =) It wasn’t until later, after I had the sheets already on the bed that I realized they’re for air beds, but they’ve been working just fine on our normal mattress, so I don’t really care if the label says “air beds.” And of course I still have our old sheets as a spare set.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if there’s something you want, but don’t need, just keep waiting, you may be able to grab a great deal eventually!


Save on Groceries: Check Out Clearance

28 Mar

My Clearance Purchases

Wanna know a great way to get some rock bottom prices on food? Check out any clearances at your local grocery store! I’m not talking about the weekly sales, although that is a great way to save on groceries.  I’m talking about things being sold because something’s wrong with them. The store I do a lot of my shopping at has a “Blowout Clearance” section and I try to always check it out, just in case I see something I want. This last week I was able to get 3 boxes of cereal for 50 cents each (I rarely buy cereal, but with that price, how could I pass it up?). I also got some wheat crackers for a buck, because the box was a little bent up, and a bag of mini chocolate chips for 75 cents. I don’t buy chocolate chips very often either, but thought they’d be a nice addition to some muffins. Some stores will sell produce when it’s starting to get ugly. I’ve bought browning bananas before and froze them. Also see if your store has a “day old bread” section (it might not be in the bakery section). A lot of times there will be bread, donuts, pies and all kinds of things there that are still fine to eat. And as I’ve talked about before Reduced for Quick Sale Meats are a great deal too! Just make sure to cook or freeze them right away.

And in case anyone wants to know I spent $37.10 on groceries this week. This should allow me to make it through until April. And it brings my month’s total for groceries up to $258.47, which I’m okay with. My main goal is to keep it under $300, but lately I’ve been trying to lower it to $250 a month. This is just for food items.

Here’s how I saved this week:

  • 10 cents by using store brand
  • $5.62 for buying on sale items (grapes, broccoli, lunch meat)
  • 50 cents for using a tabasco coupon

My total savings was $6.22. And I feel like I got a good amount of food for $37.10.