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How to Save at Six Flags

16 Jul

Fun Fact: "Six Flags" is named after the six countries that have governed Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States of America, and the United States.

As you know by my last post, I took Cameron to Six Flags for a late birthday present! We had lots of fun! Six flags isn’t a cheap place to go, but there’s lots of ways to make it as affordable as you can. These tips are for Six Flags, but I’m sure many of them can be used at other places too.


Never, ever, ever just show up as Six Flags and pay full price for  tickets!! Look online before going so you can find any coupons or promotions. We purchased our tickets online, instead of at the gate. That saved us not only time, but also money. Plus Cameron googled Six Flags coupons and was able to find a coupon for the day we were going to be there, saving us a litttle more. We ended up paying $27 each, instead of the $57 price we would have paid if we just showed up and payed there with no planning ahead. So that saved us a total of $60 (saved $30 each ticket)! That was WAY worth the few minutes of searching the internet and planning ahead!

If you plan on going to Six Flags more than once that year you may want to look into a season pass.

Food and Drinks

First of all if you’re planning a Six Flags trip you’re gonna need to stay hydrated. Especially if it’s in the middle of summer. You can purchase a Six Flags bottle for $13 and get unlimited refills the rest of the day. If you’re not a germaphobe you can share the cup with your friends or family that you’re there with.

Another option for the drinks is to take a Six Flags cup you already own (we borrowed one from family) and you can get if filled up for 99 cents. We figured we wouldn’t need to get it filled more than 13 times that day, so it was a better deal for us than buying a new cup. We ended up only getting it filled a couple of times and would just fill it with water at the water fountains instead.

As far as food….well it’s expensive. We planned on going out to our car and eating some food we had packed and then going back into the park for more rides (make sure to get stamped out or you’ll have to purchase another ticket to get back in). But we didn’t end up doing that, we ended up getting a brisket burger, fries and poweraid and just split it. And that cost us about $15! We can usually feed our whole little family of 3 eating out for that much! So if you want to save on food, keep a cooler with lunch in it out in your car.


The best way to save on souvenirs is to just not buy them. I’ve never been a big fan of little trinkets that just sit around and collect dust, so those giant stuffed bananas or cheesy snow globes don’t really tempt me. But I have heard of people buying Disney things before a Disney World trip, since you can get that kind of stuff other places. Then when the kids see all the cool Mickey Mouse stuff that’s way over priced at Disney World, their parents can give them the things they bought previously for a much better cost.

 If you can, only take what you don’t mind carrying, or else you’ll end up renting a locker. Of course if you’re going with a bunch of little kids or babies that may be harder to do. We only took what would fit in Cameron’s pockets (thank goodness he wears cargo shorts with those big pockets).The only thing we carried was the water bottle. Speaking of carrying things in your pockets, Cameron put cash and his cell phone in a Ziploc to make sure they wouldn’t get wet if we went on one of the splash down rides. Also plan ahead so you don’t end up renting a stroller or buying sunglasses because you forgot them.

So there’s some Six Flags savings tips, I’m working on a post about saving on trips in general, so be watching for that!


Cheap Entertainment # 2 : Free Fun

22 Apr

There’s all kinds of ways to have fun, some are expensive (a trip to 6 flags), and some are cheap (a game of Uno). I’m not opposed to spending money on fun, after all, I’ve been to Six Flags. But spending money on fun things all the time adds up. So in between those expensive excursions, it’s good to have some cheaper solutions to find fun. Here’s a list I came up with for free or almost free things to do:

  • Play a game! If you don’t have any games think up games that don’t require anything special. We used to play our own version

    Play a game!

    of Scategories with just paper, pencils and a timer. Do your own pictionary or charades.

  • Watch a movie. Watch one you already have, borrow from a friend, borrow from the library or watch something free off the internet (try hulu.com or netflix if your a member).
  • Go to a park. Gracia LOVES it when we do this!
  • Play free games on the internet. My husband finds the strangest games on the internet! He recommends indiegames.com.
  • Invite friends over for a meal, have everyone bring a dish so it’s easier on you.
  • Read a book (check the library).
  • Look for free events in your town, like parades and free concerts.
  • Cook something with someone. After all you have to eat, right? So why not try a new recipe with a friend, and make some memories!
  • Do a puzzle.

What do you like to do for free?

Frugal Fitness #1: Free Exercise

21 Mar

One of my pet peeves is when people say they don’t have enough money to be healthy. I don’t deny that eating all organic or the optimal diet may be expensive, but eating a balanced diet and moderate exercise  doesn’t have to break the bank. So I’m starting a series of posts called “Frugal Fitness.” I want to talk about both exercise and eating healthy. I’m not a nutritionist or fitness expert or anything, so I’ll mostly just be sharing what we do.

Now it’s time to do some brainstorming, and yes, if you feel the urge, feel free to sing the Imagination Mover’s song…

Let’s think of some free exercises:

Get outside and get moving!

  • Walking (you can even save money with this, by walking somewhere instead of driving)
  • Running/Jogging (this can actually be a money maker, my last run I found 2 quarters and 4 pennies on the road!)
  • Just move! you don’t need anything fancy to do crunches, jumping jacks or push ups.
  • Be creative and use things around the house, like some canned veggies as light weights. One time my husband used a low tree branch to do pull-ups.
  • Go to a park! Lots of parks have walking paths and some even have exercise equipment.
  • And if you already have equipment use it!

Can you think of any other free exercises?

Frugal Tip: If you really do want to buy some equipment try looking for something used. It’ll be a lot cheaper. My husband bought a weight bench on Craig’s list, I can’t remember how much it cost, but it was a lot less than buying one new, and it works just as good as a new one.